Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How can l stop raccoons doing their poop on my steps?? they are driving me mad?

Getting rid of any food source is the most important thing in keeping raccoons away. Keep your garbage in your garage or at least in well-secured cans. Bring pet food inside at night. If you have fruit trees they are contraptions that you can buy that will prevent them from climbing them. They also like grubs so if you have grubs in your lawn there are products you can buy to get rid of them. Once you have removed all potential food sources the raccoons will not waste their time coming on your property. If you suspect they are nesting somewhere such as under your porch then making it as unpleasant as possible is usually enough for them to pack up and leave. Throw mothballs and ammonia soaked rags in their suspected nest. Also, place a radio with loud music during the day near the area. One very important thing: be VERY careful when cleaning up raccoon poop. Many carry a potentially deadly roundworm parasite. The eggs are shed in their poop. Wear disposable gloves and wash hands thoroughly after disposing of the poop. These eggs and larvae are resistant to household chemicals such as ammonia or bleach and can survive for years. The only way to kill them is with extreme heat. If the crap was on wood pour lots of boiling water over the area. If it's on cement you can put lighter fluid or some gas on the area and light in on fire.How can l stop raccoons doing their poop on my steps?? they are driving me mad?
Raccoons are looking for food the poop is a normal byproduct, Don't encourage the coons to come to your door step by leaving food or scraps out,after a while they will stay away.How can l stop raccoons doing their poop on my steps?? they are driving me mad?
try mothballs my neighborhood was infested with them and one of the neighbors spread moth balls all over and haven't seen one in months one problem though it smells like your grandma's house for awhile
Try sprinkling red pepper around your steps.
Try Tabasco sauce, I've heard that the scent alone deters any animals away. And I just happened to hear that on a Discover Channel and believe it or not it was used by our own CIA and Russia's KGB for deterring animals.

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